We help Hirakata branch-limited secretary!

We help secretary. !(welcome and farewell party)
We dissolve such a trouble of secretary.

We will help 170116-Hirakata - secretary.
... which wants you to do drop-off and pickup
・We prepare pick-up bus. (more than adult 15 people)
(Lunch low dining table, Lunch Kaiseki (Multicourse meal) has you decline.)
Whole pickup and drop-off 地區 ... Hirakata-shi, Yawata-shi. Kyotanabe-shi, Katano-shi, Neyagawa-shi, Kumiyama-cho
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170116-Hirakata branch - pick-up bus
Though want to prepare bouquet; ...
・There is arrangement depending on budget, hope. Please feel free to contact.
170116-Hirakata branch - bouquet -
In addition, Take away is with and wants to present meal ticket of Kani Doraku which we want to do, and please let know hope.
We help to attach even a little to thought of secretary.
For more details
Please refer casually to store.
Kani Doraku Hirakata branch Manager Mitsuru Hara
Domestic 0120-451-722
FAX 072-848-1725


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