Kani Doraku Matsuyama branch WEB recommended plan

It is introduction of advantageous reservation plan and event of our restaurant.
We make a reservation on homepage and will profit!
※Contents may be changed without notice. Thank you for your understanding.
※This plan with other discount, plan privilege cannot use together.
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Matsuyama hospitality

WEB-limited plan

Come to Matsuyama where hospitality is number one in Japan by all means.

Period: Whole year
Condition: Customer who comes to Matsuyama by sightseeing.
Privilege: We give craft beer of Matsuyama or local sake free. Brand is fun on the day (in person group nothing).

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WEB-limited plan

We bless various felicitous events of customer (wedding anniversary, birthday, sixtieth birthday celebration)
We are doing chanchankono rental.

Privilege: Photography (I send by email if you want photograph data.)
We present souvenir!
Period: Whole year

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