Kani Doraku Kurashiki branch felicitous event plan

It is introduction of advantageous reservation plan and event of our restaurant.

We make a reservation on homepage and will profit!
※Contents may be changed without notice. Thank you for your understanding.
※This plan with other discount, plan privilege cannot use together.
※Please input plan name you like into reservation form by all means.


1-year-old birthday celebration plan

Please spend the first birthday of child in Kani Doraku.

Period: Whole year
Privilege: Souvenir picture
Sekihan (bite-sized) for number of people
Condition: Child who reaches birthday for the first time.
Preparations: We set up tool telling the future of child.
We can offer red-and-white 1 sho rice cake 3,240 yen (tax-included). We accept offering in small piece of rice cake by 20 red and white. (apply for order for rice cake within five days before use day.)

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Long-lived celebration plan

We help with all the staff, a time of memory.
Come in family all of you.

Period: Whole year
Privilege: Souvenir picture
Souvenir present
Condition: Customer who invites birthday when it is turning points such as the sixtieth birthday, seventy years of age, the Age of Joy, the eighty-eighth birthday
Preparations: We offer chanko of red, purple, yellow.

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Celebration plan of 100 days

Please spend celebration of 100 days in hope of growth of child in Kani Doraku.
We help with all the staff, a time of memory.
Come in family all of you.


Whole year


It is customer of reservation in web up to five days before


We present photograph after the taking a ceremonial photograph
Sekihan (bite-sized) for the number of people
We prepare for low dining table 3,780 yen for 100 days. (with Grilled crab (Whole) of sea bream)
◎Please let know whether it is boy or girl beforehand.

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Meeting of the new members plan

Seat of meeting of the new members before marriage. You can eat with peaceful atmosphere in slow quiet room of Kani Doraku.
Please spend special day at special place.

Period: Whole year
Privilege: "Assorted crab sushi" is presented one portion (meter) two portions as celebration Take away by both families!
Condition: Please order Crab kaiseki (Multicourse meal), Japanese yen flower (Madoka) tax-included 5,940 yen (for the number of people).
Please make a reservation by all means.

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