Esaka branch-limited long-lived celebration plan

Celebration plan of 1606-longevity

We attach color to line of contact of the life

Long-lived celebration plan

We present to customer of longevity celebration in a small way from our restaurant.

Please make a reservation with "longevity celebration plan, 0 0-year-old celebration".

※Please list WEB reservation of homepage with "longevity celebration plan, 0 0-year-old celebration".

Celebration plan of 1606-longevity

⓵ [souvenir picture] Present

We present commemorative photograph in celebration of longevity.
※We offer chanko of the following by year.
Sixtieth birthday (60 years old) red
Seventy years of age (70 years old) purple    Age of Joy (77 years old) purple
Umbrella Kotobuki (80 years old) gold (yellow) eighty-eighth birthday (88 years old) money (yellow)
Kotobuki (90 years old) white that is a graduate    White Kotobuki (99 years old) white

⓶ [welcome drink] Present

We present welcome drink to all all of attendance.
●Please prefer one-shot to drink menu of our restaurant.

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