Approach for the infectious disease prevention

Approach for the infectious disease prevention

Because our company has customer enjoy Rice & Soup in peace,

We carry out the following matter thoroughly and try for the infectious disease prevention.


(for the store staff)

①Symptom confirmation such as physical condition check ... fever, lassitude, a cough at the time of attendance, pain, headache of throat

②Mask wearing of all staff

③Brisk hand-washing, enforcement of disinfection

④Locker room, thorough 3 dense no exclusion and ventilation in rest room

⑤We perform swab sterilization of point where people such as doorknobs touch well hourly


(for customer)

①Antiseptic solution is set up by the entrance entrance

②Use of seat does not seem to become dense and leaves interval with the next seat

③Use of seat which kept room in constant number

④Swab disinfection such as seat, equipment in replacing

⑤Thorough seat ventilation

⑥We set a limit to use of smoking room


Kani Doraku