Special plan of the 60th anniversary

20021160-002Please declare with family, exclusive paper including person becoming 60 years old pairwise toward 60 years old at the beginning.
We offer present in a small way.
Period: : February 11 Tuesday (holiday) - Saturday, October 31


20200531orei[as for the theme "60 (rokuju)".]

Please select haiku to Mr. Itsuki Natsui. We will present Rice & Soup ticket of Kani Doraku to 60 people in all.
Rice & Soup ticket of 10,000 yen is presented to winning 50 people Rice & Soup ticket of 30,000 yen to specially selected ten people.

Period: : February 11 Tuesday (holiday) - Sunday, May 31
Announcement : Monday, June 22 "day of Crab"
Application method: Please apply than postcard attached to store or QR cord.

20021160-00720021160-004[theme is "60 & smile".]

We raise photographs full of eating smiles.
We will present Rice & Soup ticket of Kani Doraku by lot.

Period: : From Wednesday, July 1 to Tuesday, October 20
Lottery : During period, is lottery every month; 60 people (240 people in all)
Announcement : Every month 22nd (I will inform toward the elected candidate directly in DM.)
Prize :Kani Doraku Rice & Soup ticket presentation for 5,000 yen
Application method :Please post than Instagram.

20021160-00720021160-005On "day of Crab" of June 22, we will present small dish dishes and drink to customer of visit in instant lottery.

Period: : Day limitation of Monday, June 22 Crab