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Dotombori Honten (The Original/Main restaurant) Dotombori nakamise(Mid) branch Dotombori nakamise(Mid) branch Dotombori higashimise(East) branch Umeda branch Kitashinchi branch Juso branch Amimoto Honkan (Main) Amimoto Honkan (Main) Amimoto Bekkan (Annex) Toyonaka branch Esaka branch Ibaraki branch Hirakata branch Higashi Osaka branch Matsubara branch Sakai branch Kishiwada branch San no miya branch Kobe Harborland branch Kobe Harborland branch Itami branch Kyoto Honten (Main in Kyoto) Kita shirakawa branch Kyoto Fushimi branch Nara Honten (Main in Nara) Nara Kashihara branch Wakayama branch Hamamatsu branch

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