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Kani Doraku group (following we) recognizes personal information to take from visitor to be important assets of visitor and, about the handling of information that can identify visitors such as full name, address, phone number, e-mail address of visitor, we establish below and act for personal information protection according to "Kani Doraku, privacy policy" and meet trust of visitor.
Our officer and employee will try for appropriate handling, management, maintenance of personal information according to this policy sincerely.

1. When we acquire personal information in Web sites, we state the use purpose clearly, and we acquire by legitimate and fair means as far as it is necessary.

2. We may not use without agreement of visitor about personal information that we acquired according to 1 fate mentioned above across use objective range.
We use personal information that we acquired for the following purposes.

  • *  Product, guide about services whom we treat in us
  • *  Confirmation and delivery of application for product, service that had you register the purchase
  • *  Confirmation of application for E-mail delivery service and delivery of email
  • *  We give registration confirmation to various membership system services and service
  • *  Use purpose that we stated clearly at the time of other personal information acquisition

3. Offer to third party of personal information
We may not transfer offer, exhibition, loan to third party except any of the following case about personal information that we acquired according to 1 fate mentioned above without obtaining visitor's consent.

  • (1)When disclosure is necessary by law or request of government offices
  • (2)When we damage other visitors visiting this site and contact the specific or person of person who may interfere
  • (3)When it is considered that there is sufficient reason to appeal to legal means

In addition, we conduct affairs of personal information and do not entrust.

4. Appropriate management of personal information
Promise Koto that all the personal information of visitor handles us under the severe management and do, and is appropriate to prevent unauthorized access to personal information, loss, destruction, manipulation, leak of personal information; take safety measures.
In addition, for employees handling personal information, we will try for enlightenment activity such as carrying out the training, education for personal information protection regularly.

5. Correction of registration information
We manage personal information of visitor by the as possible correct and latest contents. When there is proposal from visitor, we disclose registration information.
In addition, we confirm the contents and perform addition, change, correction of registration information or deletion (withdrawal) as needed when there was proposal such as content not being correct.
But product, service that we cannot offer when we delete registration may occur.

6.Revision of privacy policy
We review contents of service and content of each item with change of technical trend mentioned above appropriately and will be improved.

About inquiry about privacy policy and personal information

Visitor can have you demand disclosure by our predetermined procedure about personal information of visitor whom we hold.
When disclosure of personal information of visitor is hoped for, please refer at the following. We guide about procedure necessary for disclosure.
In addition, we accept cases that want to come to want correction, suspension, deletion of personal information of visitor in the following about inquiry about personal information and consultation.
We give a response in conformity with purpose of the Personal Information Protection Law appropriately even if we get up in either case.

◆ Reference about privacy policy and personal information
Business promotion department personal information management charge telephone: 06-6211-4506 mail:
※Time in: From 9:00 to 17:00 (except Saturdays, Sundays and holidays and year-end and New Year 12/31 - 1/4)

In the use of our Web site

◆ In our Web site, we collect information (the number of the access, browser kind, the OS, IP, domain, access time, search keyword) of access analysis of visitor as document for site improvement, but statistics information does not do exhibition to the public.

◆ We use special code communication technology called SSL for input forms when we have you offer personal information in our Web site. Using this code technique, we encrypt personal information or credit card number of visitor and communicate under the perfect security system. In page using SSL, retainer of browser has "key" such as figure mark, and state that this "key" mark closed expresses Koto entering coding communication mode.

  • *  By environment of the use including company, security system called proxy server may not support SSL. In this case please talk toward network charge of company.
  • *  Please note that you cannot bear responsibility when we communicate without using SSL, and information leaked out in us.